GIVING is pretty common and natural in our culture. But few realize the meaning of Jesus' words:

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Shocking words, but true. Our approach to giving is altogether too casual, whereas God intends it as a blessed way of life.
When we Give, we are doing all the following:

  1. We are expressing something deep about our attitude toward God, others, and things
  2. We are expressings our Humanity, for we were made to share in community. That's God's Covenant Plan for Humanity.
  3. We are obeying God, who told us to be generous.
  4. We are using temporary and passing things to do timeless works that glorify God.
  5. We can even do this as an Act of Worship!
  6. Wow! All that, and it's even Tax Deductible!! Yoohoo!

Here are some ways YOU can give, if God moves your heart:


1. The Quartermans depend on the financial help of regular supporters for their work and ministry.

Contributions can either be made online: Quarterman, Clay & Darlene (16400)
(Please be aware that the online service we use charges a fee for online giving.)

Or payments can be made out to Mission to the World for account #16400 and sent to:

MTW, P.O. Box 2589, Suwanee, GA 30024-0982

MTW is a 501(c)3 organization. Contributions to approved ministries are tax deductible.
Personal gifts can be sent but are NOT tax deductible (though personally appreciated!)

2. Approved Projects related to our ministry. Tax-deductible contributions can also be made through MTW for:

Since we are ALSO helping out various national ministries in Ukraine, some projects are not directly supported by us or MTW. However, we are facilitating their support as they get established internationally, and many of the operate under the oversight of a Board (I am on several). Contact us for details if you are interested in supporting one of these ministries directly:

  • "Odessa Springs" Family Counseling Center
  • Orphanage and Street Children centers
  • "Rainbow" Christian School of Odessa

Look for details regarding these ministries in our website! (

CLICK HERE for Project Info