Life on the Edge is all about Ukraine and its special uniqueness -- at the end and at the beginning of things. Life here is certainly unique.

    Ukraine is the Edge.

    Why do I say that? Because of "Ukraina" (U-Krai-Na). Let me explain.

There was an interesting place in Portugal -- out past Sintra and Cascais (yes, even past "The Mouth of Hell"!) -- which was called "The End of the Earth" -- and that was its claim to fame. The mayor sold Diplomas that said you had been to the end of the earth! Pretty interesting place for a missionary to go! (I still have my diploma, in case you're wondering.)

Ukraine can make a similar claim. They are officially "The Borderlands", being on the edge of everything: the edge of Europe, and the edge of Russia, the edge of Asia, and the edge of civilization. The word for the border, the edge, is "krai", and the article "u" means to be "at". So U-krai is the place AT the Edge. Thus, the name of this section. It's all about Ukraine, and it's all about being at the edge of things. (Some days, even at the edge of sanity!)

 SO -- Here's what is coming in this section -- when I get a chance to write:

  • Anecdotes from everyday life in Ukraine
  • Views on America from one living in Ukraine
  • Cultural observations and insights
  • Regional news feeds (RSS)
  • TOUR GUIDE to Odessa and Ukraine
  • Odessa links
  • Ex-pat living
  • etc.

Well, that's a start to whet your appetite! I share this so you can experience our neighborhood and catch the flavor of our everyday lives here. Thank you for sharing in this adventure with us! We're thankful to be here in this exciting place, looking for God's Kingdom to extend indeed to ALL the ends of the earth! (And we are often privileged to see it!) Come again!