The Report for November 2008The Odessa Springs Family Counseling Center Dear brothers and sisters!  This is what was going on in the Odessa Springs FCC in November. Lena Chutygina and I tried again to get the group of development for children together. We were placing announcements again and were inviting people. And, thanks be to God, our efforts were crowned with success. On December 1, we conducted the first session with children and their parents. 4 children with their moms came to us. We have a meeting with the children and the parents in the big room, and then Lena Chutygina goes with the parents to my room and conducts classes there with them, and I remain in the big room and continue to be busy with the children. Our sessions are scheduled twice a week. Please pray that these parents continue to bring to us their children and also that 1 or 2 more children would join the group (then the group will be complete). Also, in the past month, we made the schedule for all the groups and counseling sessions which will be conducted by our counselors. We placed this schedule on our web-site (the schedule is in Russian): Sasha Popov made up the advertising booklet for our centre, and I hope that we will be able to print it soon.  In general, we will need to produce a lot of various advertising materials so that people will learn about our existence and turn to us for help. Svetlana Fedorenko continues individual counseling sessions in the big room of our office. Lena Chutygina and I met the director of a Christian school (not the one that is affiliated with our church) and talked about possible cooperation. The director asked us to work with one of their groups (children of 9-10), because there are problems there. Lena began working with these children. Every month the local Association of Practicing Psychologists carries out various events for their members who are practicing psychologists so that psychologists could raise their professional level and share their experience. In November, Lena Chutygina and I attended a master class on art therapy (the Monart school, developed by Mona Brooks, These master classes are planned to be held every month. The master classes are conducted by an art therapist from America who works in Odessa with children who have serious problems with health.  Thank you for your participation in the work of our centre, for your prayers, support, and encouragement. Please pray that God may send to us people whom we can help. May the Lord bless all of you! Lena Kolker, coordinator of the Springs FCC
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