Report for November 2009
The Odessa Springs Family Counseling Center 

At present we have the following groups working at our Center:

1. a group of children’s development, 4 years old (classes take place 2 times a week);

2.  a preschool preparation study group  (classes take place once a week);

3.  an English children’s group from 3 to 5 years old (classes take place 2 times a week);

In November the work of the personality development group was finished and now recruitment of another group is planned.

We are planning to start soon an art therapeutic group on drawing study (Monart technique). Please pray for this group to be gathered.


At the November general meeting of the counselors and teachers of our Center we decided to give clients a Christmas offer for the advertising and charity purposes.  From November 18 to December 30 we decided on giving free of charge individual counseling sessions every Wednesday. As of today we have had two free Wednesdays.  For those two days we gave 17 counseling sessions!  There could have been more if we had had more rooms for counseling. We had to enlist the people in advance because a lot of them wanted an appointment for a free counseling session.

I am glad that we have succeeded in drawing attention to us and helping people, but I can see that establishing oneself at the market of psychological services in this country is very and very difficult. Please pray for God to continue sending clients further on.


Thank you for all the prayers and support. In Christ,
Lena Kolker,
Coordinator,the "Springs" Psychological Counseling Center

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