In December we conducted 46 counseling sessions.  28 of them were paid, 18 were free of charge. 21 were the repeated ones. All the rest were held by reference from the clients and church comers who know about our ministry.  The age of the clients was from 17 to 50 years old.  The problems were connected with the spouse relations, relations between the young unmarried people, parents and children, such issues as loneliness, social maladjustment, panic attacks.


Sveta and Angela conduct training beginning psychologists.  They work with two groups of 5 and 8 people.  They share the materials that Dr Langston Haygood and his colleagues taught us.


Pastor Valera Babynin and I conducted the Monart painting/drawing classes.  However, it was the last month of our group, because Valera cannot teach this group any more.


We continue to conduct charity work  with the orphan children, children from problem families, also help the Christian School.  This work is intensively done by Sveta Fedorenko, Angela and Vova Aleksandrovich, Vika Varvarina and myself (Lena Kolker).  Sveta and Vika help children and teenagers learn how to communicate with the adults and their peers, how to overcome fears, how to raise their self-esteem.  They also try to develop them in general.


Angela and Vova teach the orphan girls (13 girls aged from 14 to 20) and orphan boys (6-7 boys aged from 13 to 23) separately.  They teach them how to communicate with their peers and give them individual counseling on various matters.


In the Christian school, I help to work with the problem children.  It involves testing, providing correctional classes, having talks with the children and the teachers.  Periodically the School Board invites me to evaluate some school cases.


At the end of December, we organized great Christmas events for the orphans. Sveta, Angela and Vika wrote an interesting scenario. The children performed in various contests, sang songs, and we had an opportunity of sharing God’s Word with them. Also, we brought small presents for them.  Judging by the children’s response we managed to make a party for them. (see the photo)


Also, we, the workers of the Springs Counseling Center had a very good time together.  We played bowling and ate a delicious cake (see the picture


Unfortunately, I was refused the American visa again and I won’t be able to see you.

Please keep on praying for our Center.  We need your prayers and we see the Lord answering them.  By God’s mercy our ministry grows and develops.


I thank each of you for your prayers and support.  May God bless you!

Love in Christ,

Lena Kolker


The Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center

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