The Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center 
Report for June and July, 2012

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about the work of the Odessa Springs Counseling Center in June/July.

During this time we conducted 63 individual counseling sessions. Both believers and non-believers contacted us. The main problems are marriage conflicts, conflicts between children and parents, and panic attacks.

In June, two new projects began at our Center. Now every Friday we conduct thematic meetings that are dedicated to some topic. All persons who are interested can come to our meetings. We have already successfully conducted meetings on such topics as: "How to manage anger", "How to respond to teenagers’ aggression" etc.

The other project is groups of psychological support for the elderly people. In this country, almost nobody cares for the elderly people. They are lonely, unhappy, sick and almost without means of living. We hope that at our meetings, these people will learn to solve their problems and also will meet new people and will no longer feel so lonely.

I would like to share with you a story from the lives of our clients who contacted us a year ago. It is a couple who had not been able to have children for 7 years, but finally, the long-awaited pregnancy came. They turned to us because they did not know which decision to take and why. The doctors found out a serious pathology with the baby to be born and urgently recommended to do abortion. Even the day was already appointed when the abortion was supposed to be conducted. But upon meeting several times with a counselor from our Center, this couple firmly decided to keep the baby. The baby was born with a cleft palate. To date, the child sustained 2 surgeries which went well. The parents continue to seek support from our Center. They are happy that they kept the child and they are thankful to our counselors for the fact that our work with them helped them to become firm in their decision to give life to their lovely child.

I thank you all for your prayers and support. Owing to your help we have the opportunity to help people in Ukraine.

Please keep praying for our Center.

With love in Christ,
Lena Kolker,
The Odessa Springs Psychological Counseling Center

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