Personal Interests


Clay loves music & the arts, scuba diving, & all of life to the Glory of God. This is the wealth of the Reformed Worldview -- EVERYTHING in life comes from the hand of our Good God, and can be used for His purposes and His Glory! L'Chaim--To Life!


Clay is a long-time photographer, getting his first camera in 1959, running a darkroom for his father, developing his own color slides, etc. You can see some of his artistic photography by clicking here:


Clay also loves his work as a Presbyterian pastor with a PhD in Theology, as a missionary with a Doctor of Ministries in Missiology, and as President of ERSU Seminary in Ukraine.


Clay continues to be involved in MUSIC as well, occasionally playing his clarinet, which he studied for 7 years in his youth. He was Drum Major in High School, and continues to sing bass in the church choir, even occasionally directing the choir. He was recently privileged to direct the Choir Alumni in a number at Belhaven College Homecoming (November 2007). He was also very involved in the pipe organ installation in Odessa church.


He has had many other hobbies along the way, including flying a Citabria light plane, learning Morse Code as a child and getting his Ham Radio license (WB5OFZ), racing a 14-foot Lido sailboat in the Jackson Yacht Club with his dad, doing geneaological research, becoming a YMCA Water Safety Instructor, canoeing, whitewater rafting, waterskiing (even slalom), fly fishing, etc.


Being a missionary does have occasional advantages! Besides getting to see marvellous museums in Holland, Kyiv, and Prague, he's been able to do exotic things like see the pyramids, visit Delphi and Corinth and Ephesus, and go scuba diving in the Red Sea! Moses may have walked there, but he didn't see the beautiful fish I did! Clay's favorite dive, though, was in a cave in Mexico (cenote ChocMool), where you enter a small pond in the jungle to come out in an air pocket UNDER a tree's roots!


We also have a cat, a dog, and aquarium fish! So life is not dull -- and it shouldn't be! If we're "bored", we're simply not understanding the significance of the moment God is giving us right now. "Carpe Diem"! Sieze the Day for the Glory of God!