Seminary Ship      Keep ERSU Seminary afloat!

We need ongoing support for the seminary, so that we don't have to “borrow” money from missionary accounts to keep the seminary afloat. We would like the seminary to have independent support in the coming years. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a regular supporter, so that we can stay in touch! We need both one-time gifts and regular support!! Join us!

Donate for ERSU Seminary at MTW:

     Ukraine: Kiev Seminary ERSU (95995) 

        Train a Seminary Professor!  Cost: $10,000

Seminary scholarship: send a Ukrainian future professor to study in Western Europe! The University of Kampen (Netherlands) has offered free tuition to ERSU graduates if we can pay their way and housing for a year of advanced reformed studies in Holland. We have one student ready now, but we don't yet have the funds.

 Donate for this ERSU project to MTW:

         Ukraine: Pastoral Intern Scholarship (95987)

teddy Comfort the needy!

The Odessa “SPRINGS” Counseling Center URGENTLY needs your support! They cannot operate for profit, and their real desire is to continue to counsel orphans, families with troubled children, and many others needing complex Christian counsel. YOUR donation can keep them going!! The center was organized by members of the Presbyterian Church in Odessa, and they now have Christian specialists operating in each field.


You may send gifts for the Counseling Center through Mission to the World, designating your gifts for:

                   Ukraine: Odessa Humanitarian Aid (95969)

If you will let us know the amount, we can be sure your gift is directed to the Counseling Center, rather than to other humanitarian projects.

(A 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation)


             Help Publish a Christian book worldwide!! – cost: $5,000

We NEED good Reformed literature in Ukraine for the growth of the Church! And now we have TWO Reformed Christian publishers working in Ukraine!  

TULIP works mostly with Russian materials, and 

KRAYNEBO works exclusively with Ukrainian language materials.


TULIP publishing was started in the 1990s by MTW missionaries in Ukraine, to provide Reformed literature for the new church planting movement in Eastern Europe. They need money to pay translators and to print and distribute Christian literature for readers of Russian and Ukrainian all over the world!! They even partner with Dutch and American missions to distribute to Russia & Israel!  

Previous Projects:

  • Berkhoff, Manual of Christian Doctrine
  • Christianity Explored (evangelistic materials)
  • Welch, Running Scared
  • Tripp, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making
  • - etc. (Write for current titles!)


Publishing projects include:

  • Bible studies
  • Booklets
  • Videos​
  • Sunda
  • y school materials ​
  • MusicArticles & resources

Donate to MTW for these projects:

              Ukraine: Materials Translation (95982) 

coach whistling



Support the Quartermans and keep these ministries going! God has placed us as a bridge, connecting numerous Ukrainian ministries to the worldwide Church. We would love to have you Join our Team as a financial and prayer supporter! WE NEED YOU!

Funds given to the Quartermans' account at MTW (#16400) are used to pay for their support and travel, but also to help with our fair portion of the Ukraine Team's budget, including many national ministries such as we list on our Project page. Many of these ministries lack their own means of support and NEED US to keep going! This is why we're here, to COACH them until they can stand on their own!


Donate for the Quartermans and their ministry at MTW:

UKRAINE: Quarterman ministry (#16400)